What are some of the main character's reactions to different cultures as they are revealed through "Nectar in a Sieve"?

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Well,by cultures,I assume you also mean their ways of lives.One culture that the main character Ruku, the protagonist from "Nectar in a Sieve", encounters that is truly different from hers is the Muslim women who are married to men who come to work in the tannery.She is shocked and yet curious about these women.Although these women have money and jewels,they do not have the freedom that Ruku is used to.They are covered when outdoors and mostly must stay indoors.Although women in the village envy these women,Ruku reflects that she is happier with her life,to have her freedom even if not all their money.

Kenny, the white doctor is white, probably English.Kenny assists Ruku in becoming pregnant when she cannot and from their they build a friendship.They do show each other their different beliefs.Kenny cannot understanding Ruku's willingness to suffer poverty without asking for help,while she sees it as spiritual acceptance.Ruku does not understand how Kenny can get people to help build a hospital for people they do not know and otherwise should not care about.

When Ruku sees the different ways of life within her culture,most of the time it is with surprise or shock at the differences.Ruku is confronted by violence when she and Nathan go to the temple looking for her son.She cannot understand this.
Overall,Ruku is an accepting person, both with her family and strangers.This acceptance enables her to help Puli,bringing him back to the village and getting him medical help

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