What are some Maidu games and entertainments? What do they eat?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to the Maidu website, their main game was a sort of a guessing game usings sets of marked and unmarked bones.  Players had to guess what combination of bones would come up.

As far as other entertainment goes, they had wooden flutes, musical bows and various kinds of rattles for use in making music to accompany dances.

For food, they ate pretty much anything except for a few things like dogs, coyotes, and buzzards that were forbidden.  They ate most other kinds of animal life.  They did not practice agriculture, but did make extensive use of acorns.

oneeyepete77 | Student

You should look for and get the book The Northern Maidu by Marie Potts.  Great info in that book. Really cheap used copies available online. Only 50 pages too.

Games: Swimming games: throw a rock to the bottom of river..diver swims down to find it.

Throwing games: with rocks. The rocks would be heavier each time. Game of strength.

Kids would ride young trees that were flexible (sapplings).  Try to buck eachother off of them.

resource: The Northern Maidu by Marie Potts, 1977

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