What are some of the causes of the October (Bolshevik) Revolution in 1917?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The fundamental cause of the Bolshevik Revolution was Russia’s backwards and oppressive economic, social, and political system.  The peasants (in particular) and workers had been oppressed for so long by aristocrats and economic elites that they were tired of the old system and ready for a new one.  The Russia tsars had contributed to this by perpetuating a system that allowed for very little political expression by the lower classes.  All of this came to a head because of the disaster that was Russia’s involvement in World War I.  The war went so badly that Russians felt emboldened to rise up and throw off the monarchy.  They had little faith in Kerensky’s provisional government.  This allowed the Bolsheviks to initiate their rebellion in October, 1917.

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