What are some local ways to solve global climate change?

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ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The biggest local impact you can have to reduce climate change is to reduce consumption of natural resources.  This has the twofold effect of reducing your carbon footprint and putting less stress on already over utilized natural resources.  You should definitely recycle and encourage your entire community to adopt a recycling mentality.  Try to reduce car (gasoline) use as much as possible.  The best thing is to drive a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle.  The less carbon burning you do, the less carbon dioxide you will release into the atmosphere.  So limit the use of any wood burning stoves or fireplaces as well.  Also, try to buy fewer new items and more used items.  This saves the energy and resources of making a new item and it prevents an old item from filling space in a landfill.  Incidentally, most of these suggestions will also save you money as well! 

On a more community level, encourage your town to keep undeveloped green spaces scattered around.  These can be for public use or remain private.  Also, a public transportation system can be of great benefit for reducing fuel burned, but this is harder (as in costlier) for a community to implement if it does not already exist.

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