What are some literary terms in "Seeing Things Simply" in order to create a research question for this short story?

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"Seeing Things Simply" is one of the nine short stories in Edwidge Danticat's collection Krik? Krak!. In this story, the young girl named Princesse poses nude for a foreign painter named Catherine. Princesse is at first nervous about being painted nude, but is reassured by Catherine that they will be discreet and that nobody will see the paintings. Later in the story, Princesse grows confident in her own beauty and decides to become an artist herself.

Some of the literary terms you may find in this short story could be: themes, characterization, and symbols.

Some possible questions could be: What themes can be found in "Seeing Things Simply?" How does the character Princesse evolve within the short story? What symbols can be found in "Seeing Things Simply?"

One thing you may want to consider is how themes, characters, and symbols work throughout all of the short stories. Are there similar themes that act as threads running throughout each of the short stories? Are there symbols that repeat themselves within the various short stories? How are characters similar and or different throughout each of the short stories?

Some themes to consider: suffering, family

Some symbols to consider: water, butterflies, crying

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