What are some literary techniques used in The Namesake?

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In The Namesake, author Jhumpa Lahiri describes the struggles and hardships of an immigrant couple who form a new life in a country whose customs are completely at odds with those to which they are accustomed.

After Ashoke and Ashima are married in a traditional ceremony in India, they move to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Ashoke has been assigned a teaching position. Their baby boy is named Gogol, after a Russian author whose story the young Ashoke was reading when a terrible train accident occurred, and he was saved from the death that took so many others. At first, he does not tell his son why his name has been given to him, and Gogol fights internally to find himself, feeling that this name sometimes impedes him because people think it odd or even ridiculous. Also, Gogol struggles with the two cultures in which he finds himself.

One of the literary techniques that the author, Lahiri, employs is argument in its different forms, for he uses different appeals to the importance and...

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