What are some literary techniques in The Hunt for Red October (and their pg. number)?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In developing The Hunt for Red October the writer faced some challenges which include the number of characters and presentation of the technical aspects of the story.

The characters are interesting and have been placed strategically in special events that determine their role in the plot. The writer goes ahead to boldly outline the characters. For instance in the first page Marko Ramius is defined as a careful observer of his surroundings, strong willed and mindful. The writer engages the reader in understanding the role the character will play in solving the unique mystery that they encounter by introducing the character clearly.

The issue of technology is addressed when the writer decides not to go into technical details. Instead, he uses the characters to define the technology. This can be seen on page 18 when the writer explaining the sonar technology employs the character Ronald Jones who talks about the capacity of the sonar technology and how it is so acute that it even senses minute objects like the fish instead of doing it directly without input from the character.

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