What are some literary devices used in Midsummer Night's Dream Act 2 Scene 1?

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There are a lot of literary devices being used in this scene, but I would like to focus on the poetic aspects of the scene. Probably one of the first things that a reader or audience will notice is the strict rhyme scheme going on. Right from the start of the scene, audiences will hear the familiar ABAB rhyme scheme. Then the rhyme scheme switches to rhyming couplets. As for the rhythm, it stays mostly with the iambic foot. This means that the syllables alternate an unstressed/stressed pattern. The iambic rhythm is nothing new, but Shakespeare starts it with iambic trimeter. This is something that is characteristic of lullabies, but he builds it into the much more standard iambic pentameter. It gives the scene a really awesome sense of build and progression. Many of the lines present in this scene also contain alliteration. The following four lines are a good example.

Over hill, over dale,
 Thorough bush, thorough brier,
 Over park, over pale,
 Thorough flood, thorough fire.

The prime...

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