What is an analysis of the article by David Helwig entitled "Haunted by Lives Unlived"? Looking for the literacy devices used, any themes, and...

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Helwig uses an analogy in his two-page article to discuss other choices that we all could have made during out lifetimes. The analogy is that each choice is a metaphorical ghost that comes back to haunt us every once in awhile and we are left to wonder what our lives had been like had we made different choices. He then makes an allusion, or reference to another popular author (or event), to Robert Frost's famous poem "The Road Not Taken." Helwig's interpretation of this poem is that the road less traveled by represents the choices that we didn't make in life as well. Therefore, Helwig uses analogy, metaphor and allusion to make his point that we shouldn't look back on life with regrets for choices that we never made. He even philosophizes as to when and where life is really lived. For example, do we live in the past? Our memories remind us of our past...but the present is what we know now and the future is what we generally live for or prepare for. It is an interesting article to get one reflecting on life and the choices that we choose to make over the ones we choose not to make.