The Joy Luck Club Questions and Answers
by Amy Tan

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What are some of the life lessons taught in The Joy Luck Club? I was able to write about one lesson but it's not giving me enough to write a five page paper. I have a horrible time with reading comprehension.

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Three lessons in The Joy Luck Club are you should not judge people because you can never understand their experiences, winning isn’t everything, and the American Dream is a myth.

One of the reasons you are having difficulty coming up with enough detail for your paper might be that you are not providing enough textual support.  Try providing examples of each lesson, with textual support from the book to back up what you are saying.  This will fully develop your ideas.  You will want to choose the quotes to support what you say, and then fully explain and describe them.

For the first example, you should not judge people because you can never understand their experiences, consider that this situation cuts both ways.  Each of the mother-daughter relationships involves misunderstanding and miscommunication between mothers and daughters, because they are each judging each other without understanding what the other went through.  Jing-mei/June considers her mother overbearing and forceful,...

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dannikay | Student

Thank you. It seems my problem when reading the literature assigned in these classes is that I cannot see beyond the literal meanings of things the authors say. If the book does not say "the American Dream is a myth" somewhere, I don't really catch it until it's pointed out to me. (With that said, it's probably a good thing I am not planning on becoming an English teacher!)

Thanks again, I think this helped a lot.