What are some of the life lessons Santiago has learned through action in Paulo Coelho's novel, The Alchemist?

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I think the biggest lesson that Santiago learns is a lesson about perseverance. His journey to find his treasure and Personal Legend is not easy. He has to deal with the harsh environmental dangers that are found in that region of the world, and he also has to deal with the human dangers. More than once Santiago is forced to deal with bandits that threaten to stop his journey. Santiago even debates giving up and returning home, yet he keeps pushing himself. He patiently perseveres despite constantly being impeded from obtaining his goal, because his goal is worth it, and that is an important lesson for Santiago and readers. Good things can come to those people who are patient and persevere through adversity.

Santiago also learns a great deal about spirituality and the natural world. He may have started his journey as a journey for wealth, but along the way he...

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