What are some life lessons from the play The Lion and the Jewel?

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Wole Soyinka incorporates several important life lessons throughout his play The Lion and the Jewel. Soyinka uses Sidi's behavior and plight to suggest that overconfidence, vanity, and pride can have adverse effects. Sidi is infatuated with her looks and becomes arrogant after gaining fame from her images in the magazine. She disrespects the Bale and decides that she will mock him, but ends up losing her virginity to him. Another important lesson Soyinka teaches the audience throughout his play, is that rumors are often false, and believing them can negatively affect a person's perspective. Sadiku spreads the false rumor that Baroka is impotent, and Sidi accepts the gossip as truth. It turns out that Baroka is not impotent, and the rumor was false. Sidi thinks that she is safe from the Bale's advances because he is impotent, which allows the Baroka the opportunity to woo Sidi. Soyinka also teaches the audience that people often have other intentions, and we should attempt to be more diligent in exploring the thoughts and ideas of others. For instance, Lakunle claims that he doesn't want to pay the bride-price because it is a savage custom, but in reality, he is simply trying to avoid paying altogether. The Bale knows that Sadiku will spread the false rumor of his impotence, which is actually what he wants. His intentions are to woo Sidi unsuspectingly when given the opportunity.

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