Identify leadership qualities and quotes from Animal Farm that can be used in a persuasive writing piece.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If the topic of the persuasive writing piece is about the nature of leadership in the novel, look no further than the first chapter.  Old Major is really quite inspiring with his passion, focus, and zeal regarding how the animals are both oppressed and how change is needed.  I think that this is one great example of leadership in that it shows how leaders identify a particular challenge and then motivate others to buy into their vision in solving the particular problem.  Old Major is most persuasive because he shows the animals what is and then leads them to a vision of what can be.

Snowball is a really good example of a leader, as well.  Pay attention to how he talks to Mollie about the ribbons and sugar that are not going to be needed after the revolution.  Snowball was able to interact with all of the animals and talk to them about the revolution.  This is representative of how leaders cannot lose sight of the people that they must guide.  Snowball does not separate himself from those he is meant to lead.  He guides them, constantly working with them and interacting with them.  In doing so, Snowball demonstrates how leaders must be in touch with people and not isolate themselves. 

Napoleon is such a prominent example of leadership, I think that he doesn't even need mentioning.  Certainly, if one is looking at how leadership is strength, Napoleon embodies this with so much of what he does. Yet, I would like to say that Clover is an excellent leader, a matronly figure on the farm to whom other animals for guidance and support.  She is constantly concered with the other animals' well being.  From the first chapter, she is driven by others' needs, looking out for the smaller animals who listen to Old Major's speech.  Looking out for Boxer when he is both well and when he is sick, and constantly interacting with the other animals about the current state of affairs on the farm.  She is not one who leads a revolution or counter- revolution, but she shows compassion, which is a quality of good leadership.  Leaders cannot expect to go far unless they identify with others and Clover does this.

dontsa | Student

succesfull leader is the one working with people and lead by example all time and can be able to solve problem between parties