What are some of the landforms found in an "abyssal?"

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That's an interesting question, and it sort of depends on what you mean by "abyssal."

  1. An abyssal plane is a flat to gently sloping part of the ocean floor.  Over time, a mix of material covered the bottom of the ocean in these areas and smoothed the terrain out.  The "stuff" that covered the ocean floor is a mixture of dusty clay, dead plankton, and silt.  It accumulated over a LONG period of time and formed a blanket over the uneven surface of the ocean floor.  So if you are asking about an abyssal plane, the answer to your question would be that there really aren't any landforms.
  2. An abyssal zone is a layer of very deep ocean.  In the abyssal zone, the water is black and without sunlight penetration.  It is also quite cold.  Amazingly, it is not a "dead zone" without life (but that's not really what you're asking about, is it?)  For topography, much of the ocean floor in these areas is rough and "mountainousness."  The landscape is broken here and there by very deep trenches that plunge another 1000 feet.  There are thermal vents (like tiny volcano) that vent heat and gases from deep within the earth.  All in all, it is a magnificent place that is harder for man to visit (in person) than the moon.

I hope this helps!

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