What are some keywords from The Pearl?

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A parable is a story that teaches a moral lesson. In The Pearl readers are presented with the idea that things are not always what they seem and greed can impede good judgement.

Song of the Family is the music Kino hears in his head while he is sitting on the beach in the beginning of the novella. It connects him to his past and signifies his contentment/peaceful life.

Song of the Enemy is what Kino hears when his family's wellbeing is threatened. It is ominous and demonstrates fear and evil.

Song of the Whole is the "soundtrack" of Kino's life. It is all the pieces of the song.

avarice: (n) greed

"They knew his ignorance, his cruelty, his avarice, his appetites, his sins..."

bulwark: (n) A strong protective wall

"It is the bulwark against starvation."

reluctant: (adj) Unwilling or disinclined

incandescence: (n) A glowing light

"It captured the light and refined it and gave it back in silver incandescence."

benign: (adj) showing or expressive of gentleness or kindness

leprosy: (n) a contagious skin disease 

"I know I am like a leprosy..."

collusion: (n) a secret agreement

"Go to their offices and show your pearl--or better yet let them come here, so you can see there is no collusion."

petulant: (adj) fussiness or complaining

"The baby was weary and petulant, and he cried softly..."

countenanced: (v) permitted or tolerated

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