What key events from "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket" would you include in a one paragraph summary of this story?

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Work-obsessed Tom Benecke chooses to work on a project rather than go out with his wife to the cinema. However, tragedy strikes when a vital piece of paper is blown out of the window and is left plastered against the ledge of the outside wall. Tom Benecke, determined not to lose all of his hard work and his hopes of promotion, steps out of his apartment window and walks along the ledge to try and regain it. Finally he succeeds, and manages to re-enter his apartment window with the piece of paper. Leaving it on his desk, he then decides to go and catch up with his wife after all, as his near-death experience has changed his priorities somewhat. As he leaves to go out, a gust of wind from the opening door blows the same bit of paper out of the window once again. This time, however, Tom Benecke merely laughs and carries on going out to look for his wife.