What are some of Katniss' personality traits in The Hunger Games?

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Katniss has strong personality traits.  

1. Responsible:She takes care of her family and friends.This is shown when she finds food for her village, she protects her family since her father died, and when she takes Prim's place in the Hunger Games. 

2. Loyal: to the people around her that she can trust: Gale, Peeta, her mother,Haymitch (even though he is drunk a lot), Cinna, and others.   

3. Leader and very intelligent: taking control of situations that need to be resolved and figuring out many complex situations in the games such as that the games rotate and how to beat each challenge she is given.

4.Athletic: and can run, jump, and shoot a bow and arrow with the best of the contestants. 

 5.Moral: She knows right from wrong and recognizes that what she is doing is wrong,but it is being forced upon her and the society by the government.

 6. Survivor:  Many times she overcomes wounds and exhaustion to continue fighting.

7. Compassionate: mourning Rue's death and yet remembering her song ---that song will continue through the third book.

8. Independent: no one can tell her what to think or how to behave. From the very beginning of the book, she is breaking the law by going out and hunting food.

9. Unpredictable: At no time does anyone really know what she is going to do.

10. Angry: She is angry about the games; about the fact that young people have to die; about the fact that the goverment puts them in this situation; and about the fact that people allow this to happen.

Choose three of these characteristics, find three examples of each in the book (which should be easy) and you should have a very good characterization paper, if that is where you are headed.

crystaltu001 | Student

Cautious : She doesn't know who to trust

Motherly : She took care of Rue and they looked out for each other

Independent : She does things by herself without other's help

Skillful : She knows how to hunt and take care of herself

Keen : She has sharp senses