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favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Juliet is incredibly brave.  She is willing to betroth herself and marry the son of her family's enemy, risking all their displeasure and anger.  She is willing to reject her parents' command that she marry the County Paris, despite the fact that her mother and father basically threaten to cast her out into the street if she disobeys them.  She is willing to take a terrifying drug that will make her seem dead, undergo her own funeral, and wake up in a tomb.  The fact that she's so brave at thirteen years old is pretty incredible.

Further, she really knows her own mind.  Once she determines what she wants, there is little (or nothing) that can dissuade her.  Not even her trusted nurse, who's really been more like a mother to her than her own mother has, can persuade Juliet to abandon the marriage to Romeo and try for happiness with the County Paris.  She's a very determined young woman, for sure.

mrsheidikirby | Student

Juliet is a defiant young lady. We see this in the fact that she refuses to marry Paris in Act 3 Scene 5. We also know that her family does not approve of the Montagues, but yet she ends up falling in love with Romeo. A girl with this kind of independence was rarely seen in this day. 

Juliet is also kind and loving. Of course, we know that she loves Romeo, but she also has a close relationship with her nurse, as seen in Act 2 Scene 5. She also treats Friar Laurence with the respect typically given to religious figures in that day. 

Juliet is curious and persistent. After meeting Romeo at her family's party, she is not bothered by the fact that he is a Montague. In fact, she declares her feelings for him in the famous "balcony scene"  in Act 2 Scene 2. She goes so far as to marry Romeo and agrees  to Friar Laurence's  plan to fake her  own death so that she can be with Romeo.