What are some journal prompts for Seedfolks?

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How does culture play a role in people's motives?

If you could trade places with one character in the novel, who would you choose and why?

How does the novel handle cultural bias in the world? What examples of cultural bias can you find in your life?

Who is more problematic, Leona or Sam?Make a strong case for one or the other.

Teen pregnancy is not only an issue for the parents; it is also an issue for the community. Explain this position. Use anecdotes from the story, your life, or other readings.

Who contributes the most to the community garden? Who contributes the least? Explain and validate your arguments.

Kim feels like a part of herself is missing. Choose one passage from the novel that shows this assumption. Explain why you chose that passage as validation.

What is Curtis's purpose in the story? How does he add to the plot?

Based on what you have read, will the garden survive? Why or why not?

Some characters in the novel used the garden for greed and personal gain. Should they be excluded from the garden? Why or why not?

Think about a time when you felt like a part of your community. What made you feel like you belonged?

A theme from the novel is "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves." Explain what this theme means, and find one or more passages to validate your argument. If you disagree with this theme, explain your argument. Find one or more passages that validate your statements.

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