What are some Jane Eyre discussion questions?

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Good discussion questions are generally open-ended (meaning that they call for more than a "yes" or "no" response), and they are typically interpretive.  In other words, you are asking your listener to reflect on important moments or characters, etc., and then make connections within the text, or perhaps even link them to symbols or themes.  These questions do not ask for merely factual information.  Some discussion questions on Jane Eyre might include the following:

How does Jane's difficult upbringing with Mrs. Reed impact her as an adult?

Why does Jane feel she must leave Mr. Rochester once she learns of his marriage to Bertha Mason?  

Why does Jane refuse St. John Rivers's offer of marriage?

"Jane" is such a common moniker, and "Eyre" is pronounced like "air"; what symbolism is created by Jane Eyre's name?  Does this name suit the character?  Why or why not?

How is Jane's relationship with Helen Burns significant?  Helen is a part of Jane's life for a relatively short length of time, and yet her impact seems great.

Can you sympathize with Mr. Rochester's decision to imprison and hide his wife from the world?  Or do you find his actions immoral?  Explain.

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