What are some items that  would be helpful to put on a checklist to assist you with processing a scene and why?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Because a crime scene will not stay static or untouched, the investigator must be sure to process everything.  To create such a checklist for  a new  investigator would be a great help to everyone.  Items which seem important would be to document who was there because you may need them as witnesses later.  Another would be to list what happened exactly so that the scene is preserved for further investigation.  Anything dropped at the scene would be needed to check against further evidence.  Exactly where the scene began and extends to would be important just in verifying witness statements.  Making sure that witness statements are taken helps in eliminating some conflicting information.  As the victim of an accident where the first policeman on the scene did not get the names of any of the witnesses or even which lane my car was in when the woman pulled out directly in front of me, no real investigation was done because no names were available including the taxi driver who supposedly waved her through as if I was invisible.  Having a checklist which is documentation is very important in processing any scene.