What are some issues that Postcolonialism addresses?

Postcolonialism is concerned with reckoning with the legacy of colonialism and with looking at the literature of the colonial period through this lens. After World War II, many of the colonized countries, including India, Algeria, and Nigeria, clamored for independence. As they gained independence, writers and critics from these countries took a new look at the Western works that had depicted them.

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Postcolonialism (or postcolonial theory) can be a slippery beast. In its most literal sense, it can refer to books written after the colonial period. As European countries lost most of their territories in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere, a new generation emerged to tell the stories that had been ignored or repressed. An excellent example of this is Achebe's Things Fall Apart, which functioned both as a critique of English imperialism and the story of the native people of Nigeria who were victims of this imperialism.

As a critical tool, postcolonialism is often used to examine Western texts that wrote about the people and countries they colonized. Until the end of colonization, the people of these countries were represented but rarely could they represent themselves, which means that Europeans projected what they wanted to on them and frequently used stereotypical or racist language. Although Conrad's Heart of Darkness is seen as an indictment of colonialism and...

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