How I Met My Husband Questions and Answers
by Alice Munro

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Identify irony in Alice Munro's short story "How I Met My Husband."

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Alice Munro's "How I Met My Husband" is the story about a young girl, Edie, who learns important things, among them what kind of person she is. She also finds that wishing for the impossible is a waste of time and that living with the truth is time better spent.

When a plane piloted by Chris Watters lands on the old fairground in Edie's little town, she becomes infatuated with him. He seems such a romantic figure.

They first meet when, wearing a dress that belongs to the woman Edie works for, Watters comes over to the house and sees her. He is nice and complimentary, something a girl of Edie's age would enjoy.

I wasn't even old enough then to realize how out of the common it is, for a man to say something like that to a woman, or somebody he is treating like a woman. For a man to say a world like beautiful.

Later in the day, Edie searches Watters out and they share a cigarette. Edie is concerned that Watters might say something about Edie wearing Mrs. Peebles' dress, but he promises to say...

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