What are some hypothetical interview questions for John Smith? 

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An interview with John Smith would most likely focus on his career as an explorer of the seas and his role in the establishment of Jamestown.  Interviews are conducted with a goal or purpose in mind and they usually include some bias on the part of the person conducting the interview.  To avoid any bias, I would keep the interview very basic.  

  • What is the most dangerous situation you have ever encountered on the open seas?  Possible follow-up questions:  How did your military training help you to handle the situation?  Did you feel the situation and how you handled it made you a better ship captain?
  • What was it about the area of Virginia that attracted you to that location as a place to establish a colony?
  • What was your initial impression of Indians when you first met them?  How did this impression shape your policy towards them?
  • Is there anything that you admired about Indian culture?  Did anything about Indian culture shape how you governed your colony?
  • You were one of the earliest Europeans on the mainland of the United States?  How did you envision that this continent and land will take shape when more Europeans populate its shores?
  • What does Pocahontas mean to you on a personal level?

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