What are some interview questions and answers for the characters from Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men about Lennie's death from all characters.

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shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I were interviewing the major characters from John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men about Lennie’s, I would probably ask the following questions.

George:  Q-Why do you suppose that you and Lennie were such good friends, even though you are both such different people? Why did you think Lennie had to die?

A-I don’t know really. I guess because we started travelin’ together. You have to look out for each other. I did most of the lookin’ out, but it would have been too lonely without Lennie. And his Aunt Clara, I promised her I’d look after Lennie. Lennie had to die because they would have treated him like a dog if they caught him. Curley probably would have done even worse to him.

Slim: Q-You seemed to understand George and Lennie better than the other ranch hands. What did you see in Lennie that the others didn’t? Was George right to kill him?

A-You see guys traveling alone all the time. Nobody really gets to know anybody. But George and Lennie were like family, which is something the guys don’t have anymore but all seem to miss. You could see Lennie was just a big kid, the way he loved the pups. But he was just too big and clumsy to handle things right. I could tell that he never wanted to hurt anybody or anything, he just didn’t know his own strength. It’s a good thing really that George went ahead and killed him. He wouldn’t of had no life after killing Curley’s wife. George saved him all that, but it sure did put George on the run.

Crooks: Q-What happened between you and Lennie that day he came into the bunkhouse? Would you have killed Lennie like George did?

A-We just talked. White guys don’t usually come into my room and that’s fine by me, but Lennie just came in like it wasn’t nothing and we just talked. At first I was mad, but you can’t stay mad at a kid that don’t know better, and that’s really what he was.  I guess we were both sort of the same, outcasts in a way. Nobody knows what it’s like to be black and crippled like me, and nobody knew what it was like to be a great big dumb kid like him. So I didn’t hold nothing against him after awhile. He sure loved George though, you could see that. Most guys just have their ownselves, but Lennie had George.

I wouldn’t have killed Lennie if were George. I just would have kept runnin’ with Lennie till we got far enough away. George ain’t never gonna be able to forgive himself for that.

Curley: Q-Why did you hate Lennie so much?

A-I can’t stand big guys who think they can take me when they can’t. Lennie was just asking for trouble, always sitting there so quiet but I know what he was saying when I wasn’t around. He thought he could take me. That day in the bunkhouse I got distracted by everybody being around and he got a hold of my hand and just squeezed it to pieces. If George hadn’t of killed I would have done it myself sooner or later. Especially after he done what he done to my wife.