What are some interesting questions to ask someone who went through apartheid?

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The questions I would ask of a person who lived through apartheid would be different depending on the person’s race.  Some of the questions would be similar, but they would change to some degree depending on the person’s race.  Some of these questions would include (person’s race in parentheses):

  1. Did you ever think that the system was evil? (white)
  2. Whites thought that blacks were inferior.  Did the propaganda of apartheid ever convince you at all that this was in any way true (black). 
  3. Did you ever get to the point where you hated white people (black)?
  4. Did you look down on black people or did you not really even notice them (white)?
  5. What did you think of countries that opposed apartheid?  (Either race, though I would try to see if blacks thought those countries should have done more to stop the system.)
  6. Did you think that apartheid would ever end? (both)
  7. What worries did you have about what would happen when apartheid did end? (both)
  8. In what ways is life better now and in what ways (if any) was it better under apartheid?   (both)

I would be extremely interested in hearing the answers to any and all of these questions.