What are some interesting interpretations for Mrs. Sparsit's staircase, something that will just blow the examiner away?

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Dickens’s specific, satirical writing style is widely known for its uniqueness and ability to entertain the reader. Furthermore, it is also quite detailed, picturesque, and often poetic and, as such, doesn’t require an in-depth analysis of the plot in order to understand the point. When it comes to his characters and the narration, Dickens tends to keep it simple and avoids complex descriptions that carry a deeper meaning. However, in his sociological novel Hard Times, Dickens chose to incorporate a plethora of symbols and metaphors and thus create a captivating tale. One apt example of this is Mrs. Sparsit’s Staircase.

Mrs. Sparsit’s Staircase is the tenth chapter of Book II: Reaping . In it, Mrs. Sparsit—an unkind and jealous woman with a manipulative nature, creates an imaginary staircase that represents the interesting relationship between Gradgrind’s daughter Louisa and James Harthouse. Even though she is married to Mr. Bounderby, Louisa finds herself getting closer and...

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