The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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What are some insights you gained from reading The Crucible?

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There are so many ways to answer this question.  For me, the most essential insight that I gained from Miller's drama is that there are times when "the system" can be manipulated by charismatic individuals to become corrupt.  In this light, one cannot hold pure and unadulterated faith in the system being beyond reproach and criticism.  The fact that Abigail and others were able to manipulate the people and system of Salem in order to benefit their own agenda at the cost of others' reputations and lives is an insight that allows one to openly question authority and demand more out of legal and social configurations.  Another insight I gained from the work is that there are some sacrifices that are worthy of making.  If we think about Proctor's assertion of "his name" and how it's worthy to embrace all consequences, I think that there is some level of insight delivered.  What are those elements for which everything can be staked in terms of meaning?  When reading Proctor's declaration, I truly understand his point of emphasis that society can take away everything else, but one's dignity and name are values upon which all else can be staked.

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