What are some industrial applications of aluminum?

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Aluminum is useful in many industrial applications because of its high strength and low density. Aluminum is also quite malleable, which allows the metal to be cut, molded, pounded, stretched, welded, and otherwise changed into many different shapes. Industrial uses of aluminum are listed below.

  • Aluminum is used for packaging purposes, such as for cans, foils, and bottle tops. Aluminum is used in the packaging of foods because it is nontoxic.
  • Because of its light weight, aluminum is used in the construction of many airplanes.
  • Because of its ability to conduct electricity, aluminum is used in electrical transmission lines.
  • Aluminum is used in the construction of sidings, door frames, bed frames, gutters, railings, staircases, and roofing.
  • Because aluminum is not corrosive, it is used as a film that is sprayed over other surfaces.
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