What are some important things the man finds during The Road?

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mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The word "found" is used 58 times in the novel.  Most of the time it is connected with the man; sometimes the boy finds things; and together they find things.  Of course, the main thing found is the family at the end, by the boy.  Most of what the man finds in useless, or he is so paranoid that he must soon give it up or abandon it.

So the man mainly finds a whole lot of "nothing" (of use).  He finds candles, dead bodies, flint, beer bottles, gas, a box of batteries, butane lighters, .45 ACP cartridges, 30-30 cartridge shells, refuge, paper plates, blankets, a bucksaw, a wheelbarrow, a band of marauders, abandoned children, wanderers.

Here are some quotes:

They found some utensils and a few pieces of clothing. A sweatshirt. Some plastic they could use for a tarp.

They collected some old boxes and built a fire in the floor and he found some tools and emptied out the cart and sat working on the wheel. He pulled the bolt and bored out the collet with a hand drill and resleeved it with a section of pipe he'd cut to length with a hacksaw. Then he bolted it all back together and stood the cart upright and wheeled it around the floor. It ran fairly true. The boy sat watching everything.

Coming back he found the bones and the skin piled together with rocks over them. A pool of guts.

They used to play quoits in the road with four big steel washers they'd found in a hardware store but these were gone with everything else.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most of the things he discovers are things that will help him and his son survive while they are on their journey down the road.  These include a bunker full of food, fuel and supplies, a beached ship he explores for usable items, a safe water cistern, an orchard with apples to eat, and much more disturbingly, a cellar full of cannibal victims.

In a larger sense, he discovers that the road he and his son have been following to the ocean leads him to disappointment, and a sea that is largely dead and gray.  Cheery book.  I was depressed for a week.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book The Road one of the most important things that the man and his son find is a fall out shelter that is buried below the ground. The shelter is well stocked with a wide variety of foods including peaches and meat. For the first time on the road he is able to cook on a nicer little stove. He makes the boy and himself breakfast lunch and dinner. There are blankets and cots to sleep on and heat. When he gets ready to leave the shelter, he and his son take as much food as they can.

The next big find is on a deserted and crashed sea vessel. On the boat he finds a flare gun and a first aid kits. He locates some antibiotics.

A negative find is when he and his son explore a house and open the door to a group of people who have been taken to use for food. One man has been cut up piece by piece and left alive in misery. He is aware that there is a serious danger for him and his son, so they leave quickly.

The man finds many other items such as a shopping cart which they use to carry their belongings, shoes and clothing changes, and blankets. Oil or gasoline is very important for their survival and they find various amounts while on the road.