Communication in Organizations

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What are some important things to know about workplace communication?

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How can messages be adapted for various audiences in the workplace?

You need to focus on the interests of different audiences, making sure only to include information directly relevant to the specific audience. Also, you should use the appropriate tone and language for each group, paying attention to different elements of work culture, age, and educational level. Certain audiences may need very detailed explanations of material that is directly relevant to them and others only brief summaries. 

How can understanding your audience inform or help in identifying the tools and types of media that are appropriate for communicating in the workplace?

Different audiences and situations require different media. While a short, informal announcement to a fairly young, tech savvy group of workers might be sent out as text messages, formal or contractually important information (such as salary changes, important policies) might be best done in hard copy. 

Why are grammar and word choice important for effective communication in the workplace? How can a writer achieve accuracy and the appropriate tone?

There are many different aspects to word choices and tone. First, you should always use gender neutral language and be careful to avoid terms that might be offensive to various groups of colleagues. Avoid slang and excessive informality as it appears unprofessional. Errors in grammar and spelling make you appear slipshod and unreliable, an ethos you do not wish to project. Therefore, as well as using spellchecking software, you should proofread carefully. 

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