What are some important quotes from Chapters 9-11 of "Into the Wild"? Need Page Number

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From chapter 11, I like the following quote.

"His teacher pulled us aside and told us that 'Chris marches to a different drummer.'"

This is a good quote because it shows readers that Chris's tendency to go off and do his own thing is not a new personality trait of his. He has always been his own person, and he has always been confident in being different and doing things his own way.  

From chapter 10, I've always liked the following quote.  

Westerberg pawed through the files at the grain elevator until he found two W-4 forms McCandless had filled out. Across the top of the first one, dating from McCandless’s initial visit to Carthage, in 1990, he had scrawled “EXEMPT EXEMPT EXEMPT EXEMPT” and given his name as Iris Fucyu. Address: “None of your damn business.” Social Security number: “I forget.”

The reason that it's a good quote is because it reminds readers of an exchange that McCandless had with Gallien in the first chapter of the book. Gallien had just asked if...

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