Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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What are some important quotes in chapters 30 and 31 and their analysis?

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Chapter 30- Pip tells Herbert he loves Estella

“Told me! You have never told me when you have got your hair cut, but I have had senses to perceive it. You have always adored her, ever since I have known you. You brought your adoration and your portmanteau here together. Told me! Why, you have always told me all day long. When you told me your own story, you told me plainly that you began adoring her the first time you saw her, when you were very young indeed.” (enotes etext p. 169)

This quote is important because Pip thinks he is breaking the news to his best friend Herbert that he loves Estella, but Herbert tells him it is obvious, and he already knew.  He also shares that he’s secretly engaged. It is an example of Herbert’s compassion for Pip, but also Pip’s naivety because he did not realize how obvious his love for Estella showed.  Pip is also not nearly as aware of Herbert as Herbert is of Pip.

Chapter 31- Pip is miserable

Miserably I went to bed after all, and miserably thought of Estella, and miserably dreamed that my expectations were all cancelled, and that I had to give my hand in marriage to Herbert's Clara, or play Hamlet to Miss Havisham's Ghost, before twenty thousand people, without knowing twenty words of it. (p. 176)

It is interesting that the trip to the theater makes Pip think of Estella.  Mr. Wopse reminds him of him and different times.  His miserable dreams are further indication of his childhood guilt, and that he realizes in his heart that there is no future with Estella and his expectations are an illusion.

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