What are three important lines or sentences in the Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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In Chapter 8, Kit is thrilled to find out that she will be earning some money as a schoolteacher. She says to Mercy, "If I am a earning wages, then perhaps you will all think I am of some use, even if I'm not a boy." Kit has harbored a resentment about an overheard comment for a long time, thinking part of the reason she was not wanted was her gender. But Mercy tells her how Rachel had lost two sons and the losses were hard on her Mercy's father, who now had no one to help manage the workload. The family didn't mean she had no value as a woman, only a different value. Kit begins to understand that assumptions are not always correct.

Her emotional growth will be necessary as Kit must defend the wrongly accused Hannah (Ch. 17). She realizes Rachel will not do anything to help the woman: "Upstairs, in her own room, she stood leaning against the door, trying to collect her wits. She would have to get Hannah. No matter what happened, she could not stay here and leave Hannah to face that mob alone."

Although the mob does burn down Hannah's house, Kit does save her life. She knows the truth about assumptions.

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