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What are some important life lessons and quotes in Les Miserables? I would prefer help from the abridged version but any help is appreciated. 

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Les Miserables is a great book to pull some superb quotations that give readers lessons about life that still apply today. Some of my favorites are as follows:

"Monsieur to a convict is a glass of water to a man dying of thirst at sea" (19). Here, the bishop has just shown Jean Valjean some politeness, which he has not known for 19 years.  This metaphor shows us that all people deserve kindness and respect.

"Liberation is not deliverance.  A convict may leave his galleys behind but not his condemnation" (26).  Here Jean Valjean is commenting upon how his life is forever changed as the result of his wretched conditions in prison.  People...

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