What are some important facts about the 1930's?Such as the Great Depression, World War II and so on.

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The 1930’s was a particularly turbulent decade, but at the same time it was key in directing the rest of  20th century. Although one could probably mention hundreds and hundreds of fascinating facts about the decade, I’ve narrowed it down to ten that I hope you’ll find useful;

-          1930’s: Mexican muralist and socialist Diego Riviera helped the Mexican Mural art movement reach its height. His wife Firda Kallo would also become well known thanks to this movement.

-          1930: The Great Depression begins after the devastating crash in the stock market. Global trade is cut by 50%, global unemployment rises to 55% and the world spends most of the decade fighting to relieve itself of the effects.

-          1930: Indian Independence leader Mohandas Ghandi leads the Salt March, a major event in the eventually road to independence for the nation of India.

-          1931: The Empire State building opens. It will remain the world’s tallest skyscraper for the next 35 years.

-          1931:The chocolate chip cookie was accidentally invented by Ruth Wakefield. Probably not that important, but fun!=

-          1931: The parliaments and Australia and New Zealand sign the Statue of Westminster effectively turning over the governments of the two island nations to their people.

-          1933: Hitler and his Nazi part rise to power in Germany. This fascist regime was committed to strengthening Germany, removing Jews for society and expanding German territory.

-          1937: Japan invades China, starting the Sino-Japanese War which would eventually be responsible for up 50% of the casualties in World War II’s Pacific Theater. Japan had been following expansionist policies for years, but their invasion of China was by far their largest military conquest to date.

-          1938: The Yellow River Flood in China kills an estimated 500,000 people, making it the most devastating disaster of the 1930’s in terms of lives lost.

-          1939: Germany invades Poland, officially starting World War II in Europe when both France and Great Britain, who signed a mutual protection pact with Poland, declare war on Germany and its allies.

-          1939: The Wizard of Oz, one of the most important cinematic films of all time, is released in theaters in full color and full sound.

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