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What are some of the images in the poem "Money" by Dana Gioia?

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In the poem "Money", Dana Gioia uses imagery to convey in the reader an alternative illustration of money; one that takes away the glamour, enigma, and glitz that is often associated with it.

Rather than placing money on a pedestal, Gioia drags the concept, the idea of money down to a bare neutral position where it can be seen as what it really is: merely a combination of paper and coins whose value is entirely dependent on the market in which it circulates, and on those who need it.

The first instance of imagery comes in the first verse:

Money, the long green

Notice how by "long green" Gioia is using common and simple words to represent something that, to many people, means everything.

Greenbacks, double eagles,
megabucks and Ginnie Maes

Everybody has a different nickname for money. These are the names of different types of American...

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