What are some ideas for writing a response to the story Unwind?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you could pick any two characters in the novel and structure your response like this: "I find the relationship between...and...interesting/confusing...because...." It's not important which two characters that you pick.  What is important is your explanation of why you think that the relationship is interesting or confusing.  

For me, Lev has always been the most confusing character in the novel.  Even in the following short story that Shusterman wrote to explain what happened to Lev after leaving CyFi, I was still confused by is his character.  I guess I just never bought into Lev being such a blindly willing tithe in the beginning.  Lev's relationship with just about everybody seems odd to me, but I will pick CyFi as the main relationship.  

I find that relationship interesting and odd at the same time, because very shortly before Lev wanted nothing more than to get away from Connor and Risa and return to his family so that he could go back to being a tithe.  But then he meets CyFi, and Lev is incredibly willing to follow this kid across the country.  Granted, Lev has come to regret his betrayal of Connor and Risa; however, CyFi is so unlike anything that Lev knows and understands that I find it odd that he would gravitate so strongly toward CyFi.  People say that opposites attract, but I just don't see that too often in reality, which is why Lev's strong devotion to CyFi never seemed genuine to me.  

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