What are some ideas to talk about in paper on emotions? I'm supposed to write a personal response paper on a movie we watched about being able to show and read emotions and recognizing faces. I have no ideas on what to talk about. Any suggestions?

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The suggestions made in the second post are very strong. Here are some additional thoughts.

Scientists have apparently found that the same basic expressions are used to express the same basic emotions in different cultures around the world. For example, apparently blind persons use the same facial expressions for the same emotions as sighted people. See this link, for example:


It might be interesting, then, to compare clips taken from films from different cultures (say, American, Chinese, African, and/or Indian) to see to what degree the same facial expressions are used to expess the same emotions.

Another possibility would be to focus on films from the "silent film" era and see if you can predict how the characters are reacting, based on their facial expressions, before you read what they are supposed to be "saying."

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This is an interesting paper. First, you will need to select a movie. This might be the hardest part. Here is one suggestion that might help a bit. You might want to choose a movie that is very dramatic and has little speaking. In this way, you will have to read faces. Moreover, the better the movie is, the better the acting will be. In other words, faces will be expressive.

With that said, the second point would be to choose a thesis. You might say something like, facial expressions foreshadow what will happen. If this is your thesis, then all you need to do is give a few examples from the movie.

Another possible thesis might be, facial expression belie speech. What a character is feeling is different than what he or she says. This can be interesting. Be creative in your thesis and support it.



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