What are some ideas on making a parody?The genre that I am specifically looking at is MOCKUMENTARIES

Expert Answers
trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A parody is sometimes called a spoof. It takes material form a work that exists and comments, mocks, or alters it to make it funny. It can poke fun at a work, author, or even a style or genre. It is sometimes an absurd or ridiculous imitation. One sees parodies on such shows as Saturday Night Live or in films like Naked Gun, Scary Movie or others of that ilk. They attempt to make fun of an original movie or genre with absurd situations and ridiculous sketches.The film Austin Powers attempted to mock all the British spy films that came before, Spaceballs mocked Star Wars and Star Trek, and Young Frankenstein mocked all the old time horror movies of the past.As for ideas on making a parody, pick a book or film that is popular and something you truly know and understand, and make a mockery of it. An easy one to parody would be the popular series Twilight or even the Hunger Games.