What are some ideas from The Crucible that I could use for the prompt, Conflict is necessary for change to occur?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my mind, the most direct example of this would be to examine John Proctor's character.  Simply put, Proctor does not become a better human being without the conflict.  It is the political and moral conflict that grips Proctor that enables him to become a better person, enabling change to happen.  Proctor is seen at the start of the drama as someone who is willing to allow the Status Quo to continue.  It is only through the trial where he becomes convinced that change is needed.  Here is the first moment where Proctor undergoes a political reclamation.  From an outsider who never really felt that he had a stake in the system, the conflicts in the trial reveal someone who recognizes the political imperatives present and the need to initiate change.  When Proctor undergoes a personal change, it is indeed to find a "shred of goodness."  This is a very powerful line and an important concept.  The relationship between Elizabeth and Proctor is one that only undergoes its change through conflict.  If the conflict of the witch trials and of Abigail had not entered their lives, Proctor would not have been able to summon the courage to stand up for himself and she would not have had the chance to see him with his "goodness."  It seemed that Proctor had been in search of this throughout the drama, only to find it at the end.  This indicates that conflict is needed for such change to happen.

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