What are some ideas from the Crucible that I can use for the prompt” Staying true to our core values is the best way to deal with Conflict”?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The fundamental challenge you might have in such a prompt is that those that stayed true to their beliefs actually suffered in quite a large quantity.  It did deal with conflict in a way, but it didn't resolve it in favor of the individuals.  Individuals like Giles Corey and both Proctors end up remaining true to their ideas.  This was their response to the conflict thrust upon them that in order to remain socially viable, they were asked to confess to things that were not true.  In the end, these individuals accepted the consequences of their commitment to truth and loyalty to their ideals.  They were cognizant of the results of this method of dealing with conflict.  This is what the play ends up placing upon the individuals in the most harsh of terms.  Remaining true to core values is vitally important for it reflects "our name" and it is all we have.  Yet, we cannot waver in our commitment to these ideals if they end up coming into collision with social values.  It is this test of social perception and judgment with individual notion of the good that brings out the ultimate test of whether or not we can remain true to our ideals.  For the individuals in Miller's play that remain true to these ideals, I see suffering and challenge end up being the result, elements that characters such as Corey and Proctors understand all too well.

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