What are some honorable actions?I have to create a culminating project based on honor. I want to do an action research study, kind of anyway. I need to come up with something to do...like planting...

What are some honorable actions?

I have to create a culminating project based on honor. I want to do an action research study, kind of anyway.

I need to come up with something to do...like planting trees or setting up a donating booth or something. But I need to make sure it corresponds with my thesis that honor is a fight for believing in ourself, thus we need to mean what we say and so forth. Anyway, after I complete the activity I want to study how people act or don't act honorably. What are some things I can do that will test my thesis and help me study the ways honor acts on a society ect...? THANKS!! 

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Based on your conception of honor, I would look to examples of those who have sacrificed for the state.  Soldiers who give their lives on the front lines of a military conflict might fit the definition offered, as they "fight in belief of themselves" and their actions are completely transparent in that they fight for name of country.  Another such example would be people who sacrifice for the betterment of the nation.  Immediately coming to my mind would have to be the individuals who have been galvanized into action within the worst of situations.  I think of the hotel employees who protected foreign guests at the Taj and Oberoi Hotels in the Terrorist Attacks of 26/11. They acted in a belief in that their actions would help others, whom they knew were being targeted by the terrorists.  I would also think of the honorable emergency medical staff and police officers who entered the Twin Towers to get people out or the Pentagon when it was hit on September 11.  Certainly, the courageous and honorable actions of those on Flight 93 who decided to take back the flight from the terrorists, realizing what it would mean, but also recognizing the larger goal present.  These are all examples of honor, in my mind.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I think the best way for you to choose is to think about what's important to you. What issues do you worry about? What community organizations would you like to support? As they say, you have to be the change you want to see in the world. To really get the most out of this project, you need to choose an honorable action meaningful to you.
krishna-agrawala | Student

Honourable actions include any action that make a person worthy of credit and recognition for acting well. In general, the the word honour is used when the action is particularly good. Also the word honour is used more frequently when the action is taken to secure, protect, and promote the good name of oneself or things valued by the person acting honourably. The things valued can be a variety of things such as reputation, a promise given, country and justice. As stated in the question itself, the thing valued can be anything one believes in.

I believe, though actions like planting trees and setting up donating booths are definitely noble and honourable, these are not dramatic enough to reflect the intensity of emotions normally associated with acting honourably. It would be better to take up some incident where the honourable action requires some tough decision on right and wrong, and where the right choice involves some personal sacrifice beyond the routine social service activities.

The example that comes to my mind immediately is the movie, Scent of a Woman. This movie present the case of a students who is under the pressure to give evidence against his classmates, who have really acted nastily in playing a practical prank on their principal. This decision is very difficult for him because he has to weigh the dishonour of telling against the classmate against the morality of letting off the erring students without any punishment. This incident also involves personal sacrifice as the principle of school pressurises him to give evidence against his friends by threatening to spoil his future prospects of scholarship and higher studies.