What are some of the high technology gimmicks and comforts that exist in Brave New World?

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In Brave New World, there are any number of high-tech gimmicks and comforts that the residents of the New World enjoy.  For instance, when Henry Foster and Lenina have their date, Henry drives his own advanced helicopter that shoots vetically into the air, then flies upon its planes.  (When Lenina accompanies Bernard to the Reservation, they take the "Blue Pacific Rocket.")  After Lenina and Henry arrive, they play Obstacle Golf.  Afterwards, as Henry and Lenina enter the Westminster Abbey night club, they are treated to "London's Finest Scent and Colour Organ" that has all the latest synthetic music.  To increase their enjoyment, they ingest soma, a drug that make all the "depressing stars that have travelled across the stars" disappear.

On Thursdays people attend the Solidarity Service where there is more synthetic music, accompanying the "Orgy-porgy."  There a person can take soma to increase his enjoyment.  Another form of enjoyment is the feelies that are shown at the Hounslow Feely Studio; these shows are a type of virtual reality, in which those seated sense what they see.Then, for those who are really adventurous, there is a trip to the Reservation where the Malais people live primitively by naturally recreating, by being parents, by aging and acting unusually.

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