What are some heroic traits played by Uri?

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We have to look no further than Uri's introduction to see some of his heroic traits.  We first see Uri when our narrator (at this point, an orphan boy called "Stoptheif") is in deep trouble.  The narrator has stolen a loaf of bread for his sustenance and collapses from exhaustion while running away.  Uri saves our narrator, ducking him into an alley.  Our first introduction to Uri, then, is as a hero.  From this point, Uri leads our narrator back to his group of boys.  Due to Uri's knowledge of the situation in Warsaw, Poland, he is their leader who keeps them safe.  From this point on Uri makes it a point to protect his boys, even protecting the innocence of Misha. (Therefore, Uri is a leader and protector.)  Finally, Uri bestows upon our  narrator an important trait:  identity.  Our narrator, who before this is only called "Stopthief," is now given the name of Misha and given a full story (even included a beloved pet horse).  In this way, Uri makes Misha feel more important than ever before and even can be attributed to helping "birth" the person of Misha.  Therefore, in short, Uri is a hero, a leader, a protector, and a giver of identity.

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