What are some hazards to the native wildlife in your community? What is being done to repair this issue?scientific method

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One specific hazard to wildlife in my immediate community is being injured or killed on state highways and roads.  I attended a workshop today at one of our state's universities, and had to travel a stretch of highway for about 120 miles.  Along the way, I saw many animals, both domestic and wild, lying as states of various "roadkill", a silent but effective testimony to the killing machine we call the American highway.  The cure for domesticated animals is easier; monitor your pet's outside activity, particularly in rural areas, where wandering onto a highway is bound to happen.  For wildlife, perhaps lowering and enforcing the speed limit would have an effect in a positive way.

We have a particular state-sponsored stretch of highway that has a "wildlife crossing", where a particular breed of salamander crosses at specific times of the year.  Speed limit lowering and signs to increase public awareness have been used to protect this type of wildlife.

Canadian geese have set up in our state recently.  The geese are a popular attraction at the reservoir area, frequented by boaters and swimmers alike.  The geese are more attentive in paying attention to the "rules of the road", watching when they cross the street, and crossing in multitude, versus crossing one at a time.  Public awareness has done much to prevent accidents with the geese, but one inevitably joins the rest of the "road kill crew" as time passes.