What were some of the hardships of the Great Depression?

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There were many hardships associated with the Great Depression. Several hardships were centered around financial issues. Many people had invested their life savings in the stock market. They had bought stocks at inflated prices because they believed the stock prices would continue to rise. When the stock market crashed, many people lost all or almost all of their savings and investments. At the same time, many banks failed. Because banks had invested the money of customers in the stock market, the banks were not able to meet the demand for funds when people wanted to take money from their accounts after the stock market crashed. Since there was no insurance on savings accounts, people lost their savings when their bank failed.

Other hardships also existed. Many people lost their jobs during the Great Depression. At the height of the Great Depression, about twenty-five percent of the American people were out of work. Many of these people lost their homes or their farms because they could not pay their mortgage. People were not able to afford food and had to turn to soup kitchens in order to get fed. Some farm families left their homes in the Midwest, which had been ravaged by drought and by dust storms, and moved westward to try to find some kind of work to do.

The American people faced many hardships during the Great Depression. While the government stepped in to try to ease these hardships, many Americans continued to suffer in varying degrees during the Great Depression.

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As with today, it was very hard to get and keep credit. Jobs were also very difficult to come by. The crash of the economy also had a great emotional impact on people, and the fall in pride resulted in many accidental deaths while cleaning guns that were actually suicides.
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This a great question. There were so many hardships that I will have to be selective. I will address the economic hardships and then some psychological hardships.

As you know the Great Depression caused many banks to fail and this sent large ripples into society. For instance, the stock markets crashed and people lost their saving. This also caused many companies to close up, because there was little borrowing in view of the bank failures. This cause many people to lose their jobs all throughout society. The unemployment rate went through the roof.

When this happened, more factories closed, because no one had money to spend. Who would buy good? Entertainment and all other non-essential spending went down as well. This caused great economic hardship for many American families to the point where many families subsisted on handouts from the government.

There were also emotional and psychological problems. Many father and some mother took to the road in search for job. This broke up families, which caused great strains. Many students in college also could not afford the tuition. And even if they could afford it, they dropped out of school to help their families. 

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