What are some of the hardships and controversies throughout the book The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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Lets take the hardships first.  For Kit, her hardships are being orphaned at a young age, having to move to a place she doesn't know and live with relatives she doesn't know, and trying to find a way to fit in.  For the colonists in general, the hardships are trying to survive in a new world.  Although it has been 60 years since the arrival of the Mayflower, it is still rough going in a world that has been undeveloped.  The colonists have to make their own foods and goods, and have to find ways to enforce law and order without an established government.  The fever that sweeps through the town is one example of the disadvantage the colonists are at, for they have no hospital and no medical practices to which to turn for help.  They must make do on their own.

The controversies of the story range from community oriented to familial.  The community is at odds with the king of England because they fear their charter might change.  The community is at odds with Hannah Tupper, because they fear and do not understand her.  This causes them to suspect both her and Kit of witchcraft, which is a way of finding a scapegoat for the hardships they must deal with.  At the family level, there is controversy between Kit and her aunt and uncle.  Kit causes problems by being there, and in the beginning, struggles against fitting in and conforming to the ways of the community.

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