What are some groups in a criminal justice organization?

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Some of the groups in a criminal justice system: In the courtroom there are the judge, the jury, prosecutor, defence attorney, victim, the accused, witnesses.

In the police department there are patrolmen and detectives.

In the prison there are the warden, guards, prisoners, executioner (in some prisions).

Parole and probation boards and officers.

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The umbrella of a criminal justice organization is quite large and encompasses many different elements.  For example, the National Criminal Justice Association in Washington D.C. "represents state, tribal, and local governments on crime control and prevention issues."  This is fairly large, encompassing the idea of "law and order" elements.  There is the actual law enforcement wing of such an umbrella such as police on state, local, tribal, and federal levels.  At the same time, there is an equally vital legal component, which consists of prosecutors, investigators, judges, and personnel associated with detention and prison.

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