Discuss the management techniques of brushfires.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many approaches that have been embraced in putting down brush fires or bushfires.  On one hand, the policy of total fire suppression used to be embraced.  However, further study and analysis has revealed otherwise and this is where we are right now:

In the 1960s, policies governing wildfire suppression changed due to ecological studies that recognized fire as a natural process necessary for new growth. Today, policies advocating complete fire suppression have been exchanged for those who encourage wildland fire use, or the allowing of fire to act as a tool, such as the case with controlled burns.

In the controlled burn setting, nations that have the resources are able to harness the fire to spurn future growth.  Within this are several different approaches such as back burning, using waste materials from logging, or field burning.  These approaches are embraced in controlling the fire as opposed to total suppression, which is now only used when there is an imminent threat to living conditions and communities of human beings.